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How far would you go to protect your family?  ​What would it take for you to make sure they were protected, even when you weren't around?​ If something happened to you and your family was left without a source of income, could they still afford the things they need? Would they have to worry about money? Would their lifestyle be changed? What would happen to their dreams for the future?​ We all want to think about the future, and to see our families in a comfortable place if something were to happen to us.


But we don't like to talk about it. We don't like to think about what would happen if something were to happen to us. ​But you know what? Life insurance is one of those things that doesn't have an off-switch—it's not going away. And if you're not prepared for it, it could cost you in ways you never thought of.​ 



Think about your family: what would happen if something happened to YOU? What would happen if YOU couldn't provide for them anymore? No matter how much love they have for you, no matter how much they love and respect you, their lives will be changed. And their dreams for the future might not come true either.


​That's why we're here: because we want your family's life insurance, health, dental, vision, and retirement needs to be taken care of before anything happens. So no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel, please do yourself a favor and get a FREE QUOTE  today!

Who We Are

Isaac Trinidad  Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a professional, Veteran Owned company.  


Our MISSION is to help American families avoid bankruptcy, due to high medical bills.


We provide quality health insurance to businesses, self-employed individuals, small business owners, and families who need assistance as well. Most employers miss out on tons of savings every year without knowing it.


The benefits WE combined work to provide the strongest benefits, while also being the most cost-effective.

We are an Employer Benefits company. We had partnered we all the major insurance companies in the nation to provide our clients with the most benefits at the lowest cost.  


We speak with individuals, families, and companies every day about how we can put them in a better position regarding their health insurance, life insurance, or various other voluntary benefits.


The fact is that there are a ton of options out there to supply benefits. Unless you are taking advantage of the right Three or Four plans at the same time, your business is probably missing a ton of savings. 

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Isaac Trinidad, CEO


5415 Sugarloaf Parkwy 

Lawrenceville, GA 30043



Tel: 470-708-9223


Whether you are looking for insurance for your family or your business or agency, Isaac Trinidad, LLC provides exceptional insurance coverage. Check out our selection of policies and schedule a pressure-free consultation with one of our advisors.

Life Insurance

Life insurance benefits can help replace your income if you pass away. This means your beneficiaries could use the money to help cover essential expenses, such as paying a mortgage or college tuition for your children. It can also be used to pay off debt, such as credit card bills or an outstanding car loan.  

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Fixed indexed annuities are fixed annuities that are typically tied to a stock market index and guarantee fixed payments over time.

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Employee Benefits

The cost of employee health benefits is rising at an exponential rate. In recent years, higher deductibles or reduced coverage have become more common as health care costs rise. Our solutions are designed to balance controlling costs with maintaining employee satisfaction, attracting talent, and retaining it. We offer multiple solutions to help your employees offset the increase in their out-of-pocket health care expenses.

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Vision, Hearing, and Dental

ITLLC offers insurance for individuals, businesses, and special risks. We are committed to keeping our customers safe and satisfied and making sure they receive the right type of  Dental, Vision, and Hearing insurance for their needs. Contact our expert consultants to learn more about our range of packages and solutions!

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Health Insurance

Choosing the right family health insurance, individual health insurance, and other coverages is probably one of the most challenging decisions you will ever make. Your life is unique. It only makes sense that your insurance needs are unique, too. You need more than a cookie-cutter health plan. You want to buy health insurance that fits your life and makes sense for you and your family.

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Mortgage Insurance

Life insurance solutions for mortgages can protect your family. It is important to make informed financial decisions for your family.


You can give them peace of mind by purchasing customized life insurance solutions for mortgage protection. If you die before the mortgage is paid off, your loved ones can remain in the home they love. Make sure your biggest investments are covered. Get a Quote today!!


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